Writing as therapy, part 3

May, 2014

The structured letter (to a friend, partner or family member).

When we feel angry, disappointed or hurt, it is sometimes difficult to communicate in a positive and helpful way. Venting extreme emotion can add fuel to the fire and create a vicious circle of attack and retaliation. Often, a thoughtful structured letter helps to communicate what needs to be said and can help to get your relationship back on track. Writing your feelings down in this more structured way outlined below, releases some of the intensity, assists you in telling the whole truth and not just part of it, helps you to share your feelings, and then moves you on to a more positive track. This exercise involves writing a letter expressing your feelings in different sections, moving from the negative and into the positive:

‘I feel angry that…’

‘I feel sad that….’

‘I regret that…’

‘I like that…’

‘I hope that…’

Write a few sentences about each feeling, going through them in the order above.

“Writing is the most powerful way I know of to sort through all the inner voices”. Rebecca Maddox