Standard fee: £60

All one-to-one sessions are 50 minutes long

Counselling – usually up to 12 weekly sessions. Some clients feel much better after a few sessions; most clients come for at least six

Psychotherapy – weekly sessions for several months, and sometimes for a year or more

Skype and FaceTime counselling – counselling works best when we meet face-to-face, but if we can’t then I am happy to arrange that we talk by Skype or FaceTime. This suits distant or international clients, or those who travel a lot for work, etc.

I believe that therapy should be available to everybody, regardless of ability to pay. So until the NHS is able to offer this, I am happy to offer up to four concessionary places (at 33% off) at any one time. This is for longer term psychotherapy only. Please be aware that there is usually a waiting list for these places and I can only offer them to those who could not afford to continue therapy without financial help.

Payment is by cash or cheque on the day. Regular clients may also pay by internet banking/BACS in advance.
I ask for a minimum of 24 hours notice for cancellations without charge.

Contact me if you are interested in booking a session.