Fees – £75 per 50-minute session
All of my one-to-one sessions are 50 minutes long and cost £75

Counselling – usually up to 12 weekly sessions. Some clients feel much better after a few sessions; most clients come for at least six

Psychotherapy – weekly sessions for several months, and sometimes for a year or more

Skype or FaceTime counselling – counselling works best when we meet face-to-face, but if we can’t then I am happy to arrange that we talk by Skype or FaceTime. This suits distant or international clients, or those who travel a lot for work.

On the day:
Payment is by cash or cheque on the day.

In advance:
I will give you my banking details in the first session, after which you can pay by BACS/internet banking, PayPal or PayM (Pay Mobile) in advance.
PayPal app link: paypal.me/RachelShattock

Cancellations & rearrangements
Please give as much notice as possible if you have to move or miss a session. I accept cancellations or rearrangements by email, text or phone call – this is free of charge if you give me 24 hours notice.
NB: Like most therapists, I ask for a minimum of 24 hours notice for cancellations/rearrangements without charge. Unattended sessions or cancellations without sufficient notice are payable in full, regardless of the reason.

Contact me if you are interested in booking a session.