I sometimes write or am quoted in carefully chosen press. I do this to spread the word about the benefits of therapy. However, please rest assured that I never write or talk about my own client work.
I have also been the Consultant Editor of the BACP’s professional magazine Therapy Today for seven years:

Consultant editor of Therapy Today 2016-2023 (and continuing)

July 2020








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Quoted in The Simple Things, Sept 2017

Quoted in Sainsburys magazine, May 2016
Page116-117: ‘The 7 New Rules of Friendship’

Quoted in Healthy magazine, Dec/Jan 2016 on super-sized emotions at Christmas time

Quoted in Healthy magazine May 2015 on letting go of the ‘wow factor’
Link to PDF of article here:  Forget the wow factor




Quoted in Slimming World magazine Nov/Dec 2014 on ‘The Comparison Trap’
Link to PDF of article here:  Comparison Trap




Writing in Elle magazine, June 2014
commenting on first-person article about learning to love
Page142-143: Can You Learn to Love and Be Loved?  The Expert View
Sorry, no link available






Writing in Psychologies magazine, April 2014
on why we like certain film/book plots
Pages 34-35: Choose Your Own Adventure
Sorry, no link available




Quoted on neverunderdressed.com – February 2014

The changing language of the beauty industry
Link:  beautylanguage

Quoted in Slimming World Magazine, Jan/Feb 2014
Good Riddance to Guilt, page 31

Writing in Townswoman magazine, Winter 2013
Page 37 – 10 Top Tips on Making Resolutions
Link: Resolutions




Quoted in Healthy magazine September 2013 on what your hair says about you
Link: Healthy magazine 2013





Quoted in Slimming World magazine Aug/Sept 2013 on The Upside of Envy
Page 23. Sorry no link available






Quoted in Zest magazine July 2013 on dealing with guilt
Pages 46-49. Sorry no link available
8815guilt crop





Quoted in Zest magazine January 2013 on new habits for happier living
Pages 38-45. Sorry no link available





Quoted in Stylist magazine November 2012 on the psychology of appearance
Stylist November 2012
Stylist MObama




Quoted in Daily Mail (online) October 2nd 2012 on women’s beauty regimes,

Link: Daily Mail October 2nd 2012

Writing in Good Housekeeping, October 2012 on managing your mood
Page 141: ‘3 Easy Mood Lifters.’ (no link)





Quoted in Sainsbury’s magazine September 2012 on friendship
Link: Friends are good for you





Quoted in Top Sante magazine September 2012 on how to be happy
Link: The route to happiness





Quoted in Woman magazine’s Summer Special, Summer 2012 on making life changes
Link: Could your holiday change your life?





Quoted in Slimming World  May/June 2012 on labels and self-identity
Page 20. Web link here: http://www.la-vita-nuova.com/press-articles/who-do-you-think-you-are.pdf





Quoted in Stylist April 2012 on why women like Kate Middleton
Link: http://www.stylist.co.uk/katemiddleton/why-we-all-want-to-believe-in-kate

Quoted in Stylist April 2012 on the rise of office drugs





Quoted in Stylist March 2012. Are you an office martyr?





Quoted in Red, February 2012 on secrets of happiness
Pages 177,178, on living authentically (no link)

Quoted in Slimming World Jan/Feb 2012 on learning from previous failures
Page 25: ‘Put your slimming past behind you.’ (no link)

Writing in Good Housekeeping January  2012 on changing habits
Page 117: ‘Five Ways To Make A New Habit Stick.’
Web link here: http://www.allaboutyou.com/goodhousekeeping/making-new-habits-habit-forming

Quoted in Stylist December 2011 on why looks matter
Issue 107, pages 55, 56: ‘Beauty Matters’





Quoted in Stylist November 2011 on when to have  a baby

Link: Issue 100, pages 53, 55, 56: ‘Are you ready for a baby yet?’

Quoted in Stylist October 2011 on privacy and nosiness
Issue 98, pages 58, 59, 60: ‘Why are we all so nosey?’